Video Editing / Animation / Voice-over

Cartooning, etc.

My professional graphic design work has mostly been promotional materials for Kydaemos, a mobile-gaming startup focused on enabling wager-based competition. Included here: their first, comedic logo, showing a man being hit in the head with a smartphone; their current logo, an ancient warrior helmet made into polygons; their "one-pager" for use in soliciting UK investment; and a print ad using the slogan "Crush Your Friends And Take Their Money".

Cartoons in many styles: pen-and-ink with watercolor; the European "clean-line" style with flat colors and strong outlines; cel-animation style; and vector art. Lastly, a mother's day card in airbrush.

Kydaemos needed a calling card, so I wrote, animated, edited, and performed this comedic video pitch. Writing and performing required narration that was a clear as possible while maintaining a friendly and lunatic tone. Creating accompanying animation required mastering the "crude on purpose" hand-drawn look common in instructional video sequences. And the main challenge in editing it all together was precisely aligning the quick-cuts and visual gags with the vocal track. TL;DR: it's fun, watch it.

Graphic Design

While living in Los Angeles I occasionally was commissioned for digital portraits. For these I developed a style that was based in photorealism, then augmented it with impressionistic swooshy-swirly stuff, as one does.

Digital Painting

‚ÄčJesse WONDER Clark